hello, i'm meghan


I'm an easily excited home cook living in San Francisco with my husband (Cos) and our two ridiculous cats (Harold and Mo). The general theme of the food I share here is "things I made that I liked” plus whatever else intrigues me. So, basically no theme at all. I follow the lead of my cravings, which are mostly for umami. 

As a first generation home-cooking fanatic I didn’t inherit any family kitchen traditions, but my best friend did teach me how to make chicken fingers and fries from scratch back in high school, and I like to think of the curiosity that evolved from my blank slate palate as an asset. There's also the deeply ingrained affinity to fried food, seafood, and barbecue that comes standard with being Gulf Coast native - that's in my bones for sure. My desert island foods are french fries and chocolate cake, and if we’re being honest here I'd eat just about anything covered in gravy. My go-to cocktail is a gin gimlet or bourbon and ginger depending on the day, and I love red wine most of all, especially Gamay. 

I've moved around a bunch since leaving the south and can say with certainty that the west suits me best by far, though I still wonder if any city will ever feel like home the way New Orleans does. I'm an attorney by trade, but I like the idea that a person can be many things over the course of a lifetime.

Reading and writing are my main non-food hobbies along with things that make me sweat, like running and biking. I've dabbled in triathlon too, but I'm a genuinely horrible swimmer.

Now you know everything!

There's a Contact page for anything else. Thank you for reading.