hello, I'm meghan

a devoted food enthusiast and moderately obsessive home-cook. i make messes and get down like james brown in my tiny apartment kitchen in San Francisco.

This blog: is the record I'm keeping as I cook and write my way through these wild times. What I share is a combo of recipes and other things that move me: great restaurants, choice travel finds, conversations about food as culture, etc.

About me: I'm originally from the Gulf Coast so my love for fried food, shellfish, BBQ, and the beach runs deep and everlasting. My desert island foods are french fries and chocolate cake, but also shout out to chips and things covered in gravy. My favorite cocktail is a Ramos Gin Fizz, and I love red wine most of all, especially Gamay. 

I currently live in San Francisco, but have previously lived in NYC, Denver, multiple cities in Alabama, and New Orleans, which is my forever favorite place to be. I’m married to a bespectacled New Englander hunk named Andrew, but everyone calls him Cos, because he looks much more like a Cos than anything else (for real though). We share a tiny apartment with our cats Harold, Mosby and Pandora, Cos’s basil plant who doesn’t have a name, and stacks upon stacks of cookbooks that all spark joy.

When I'm not cooking or doing dishes, I run, bike, and take barre classes, mainly as an excuse to eat more chips. I live for vacation, and do lawyering for a living. My hobbies include: reading books, passing out during movies, and knowing all the words to your parents' favorite songs, prob your grandparents' too. I genuinely think that people with capsule wardrobes have their shit together.