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hello, I'm meghan 

I'm an easily excited home-cook living in San Francisco with my husband and two ridiculous cats.

This blog: is the record I'm keeping as I cook and write my way through these wild times. What I share is a combo of *food that I made that I liked* and whatever else moves me - dining out recs, choice travel finds, current events, all the things.

About me: I'm from the Gulf Coast so my love for fried food, shellfish, BBQ, and the beach is deep and everlasting. My desert island foods are french fries and chocolate cake, but also shout out to chips and things covered in gravy. My favorite cocktail is a Ramos Gin Fizz, and I love red wine most of all, especially Gamay. 

When I'm not cooking or doing dishes, I run and ride my bike long distances, mainly as an excuse to eat more chips.* I also do lawyering for money, read books, pass out during movies, and know all the words to your parents' favorite songs, prob your grandparents' too. I genuinely think that people with capsule wardrobes have their shit together. 

*pic above is from ALC 2017, we rode from SF to LA!